Squeaky Cheeks, Your Effective Chaffing Solution!

Swass (sweaty a**), Swoobs (sweaty boobs), Odor and Chafe. Squeaky Cheeks helps you endure life’s race.

talc free body powderOk, let’s mention the unmentionable: everybody gets hot. Everybody sweats. Everybody stinks. We all are doing things—from super-active things to everyday living. Yes, often those things we do create problems that turn smiles to frowns because of sweat, odor, chafing and blisters. But it can be worse: Fun Time can quickly become Down Time because these issues.

Chafing is repeated rubbing and friction to the skin and can be as detrimental as a real medical injury. I am a “chafer” and not afraid to admit it. I am also a firefighter and usually don’t have the option to take time off when my “Chub Rub” decides to flare up.

I had to find an effective chaffing solution

Being on the front lines of a fire is a very HOT and uncomfortable place to be. More often than not I would get done with a shift left with a bad case of chaffing on various uncomfortable places on my body.

I tried all the standard remedies like Gold Bond, baby powder, Vaseline and Glide. Nothing held up to the heat my job dishes out. They cake up, fall off, feel squishy, and make a mess! The realization set in that all of these so-called remedies were just temporary band-aids that did not address the real problem. That’s not just the fact that we sweat and experience skin friction. That part is often unavoidable. The real problem is the bacteria that make things worse. None of the products on the market address this. That’s the reason for Squeaky Cheeks. Squeaky Cheeks is a 100% all natural premium body & foot powder that was designed to be an effective chaffing solution as well as killing unwanted body odor and sweat. We can all benefit from all day protection, odor elimination, and a true natural healer.

Funny Name. Real Science. Serious Comfort.

Squeaky Cheeks has a few powerhouse all-natural ingredients. One of them is a very special clay called Bentonite that has variety of natural benefits. It has unmatched absorption abilities that allow it to wick sweat away from the skin without breaking down or caking up and lasts for hours. It has the ability to lubricate while being a dry powder yet still lets the skin breathe.

The most important benefit is it has a unique molecule design that contains powerful negative ions that adsorb (yeah, that’s a real word!) positive ions in the body like toxins, bacteria and fungi. These irritants are drawn into the clay, preventing their growth. If you stop the bacteria, you stop odor and eliminate chafing. And we don’t have to add chemicals to try to kill bacteria. This clay does the work naturally—and better. And we don’t have to add chemicals to try to kill bacteria. This clay does the work naturally—and better.

The other is Slippery Elm. It’s a mainstay of herbal medicine for treating itchy, inflamed, or irritated skin as well as cuts, scrapes, scratches, and minor burns. It has also be recognized by the FDA for the soothing film it creates atop the skin similar to that produced within your digestive tract. The film relieves the uncomfortable inflammation and painful irritation associated with chafing, rash and blisters.

Ingredients like these, along with our own blend of essential oils, make Squeaky Cheeks an extremely efficient, refreshing and all-natural recipe that greatly assists with sweat, odor, chafing, or other skin irritations.

This stuff is great for everyday use in your “socks and your jocks.” Simply stand in the tub and powder up your armpits and sensitive areas. Then squirt it in your socks and shake it around. Get ready to smile — not just because of the fun brand name. But because this is 100% Pure Stuff that really works!

We hope you like hearing our story. We think it’s important to tell because this is not just a novelty powder with a funny name. It is serious comfort for a serious need…and with a funny name we hope you’ll remember.

Visit our products page to see what Squeaky Cheeks blend would best suit you as your new effective chaffing solution!