How To Get Rid Of Diaper Rashes Naturally

March 19, 2022

Let’s face it, as women we get looked over in the sweat department. But boy, can we sweat. You hear about swass (sweaty a**) and the misery from that, but until you have experienced sweaty boobs on a hot day, you haven’t experienced true misery. At Squeaky Cheeks we get it and we actively came up with a solution that would provide true Comfort, even on the hottest days, with an all natural boob sweat remedy.

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Nothing is worse than your sweet newborn with redness, chafing, and diaper rash all over their bum. There are so many butt creams, pastes, and powders on the market, but nothing seems to truly work. And if it does work, it usually has chemicals or ingredients that really aren’t that safe. Spoiler alert – baby powder is really not safe to use on anything. When looking for a solution to get rid of diaper rashes naturally it is important to choose a product that is not only not only works but is also naturally safe.

Ingredients Matter when Trying to Get Rid of Diaper Rashes Naturally

All of the ingredients in Nurture are high quality and are free from fragrances and chemicals. The bentonite clay wicks away moisture is antibacterial, and anti inflammatory. Our formula is remarkably delicate yet extraordinarily effective at preventing diaper rash and soothing other minor skin irritations within minutes. The FDA approved Bentonite as a topical demulcent and formulated to create rapid relief for rash, redness and diaper related problems. Our priority for Squeaky Cheeks Nurture is to give Mom’s peace of mind when it comes to treating and soothing your baby. Your baby deserves to have a happy bottom, try Nurture here.


It Really Works

When it comes to diaper rashes, Mom’s do not have time to waste. That constant crying and that sore red bum is absolutely heartbreaking. Good news- when Nurture is applied it calms and soothes almost instantly. It only takes one diaper change and the improvement is dramatic. It can improve the dryness, the red, and the sores just in the first use. With regular use it can almost eliminate any future problems. That is a total win for stressed out Mama’s everywhere. We formulated our Nuture blend specifically for sensitive and delicate skin.

It’s Mom Approved

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Nurture is hypoallergenic, it has no added chemicals, and it is 100% natural. It is safe for infants all the way up to adults. It wicks away moisture and odor. Bonus- it can be used on more than just diaper rashes. It is mom approved everywhere. The best baby shower gift is definitely Squeaky Cheeks Nurture and maybe a pack of diapers. They go hand in hand right?

Skip the stress of a cranky baby due to a diaper rash. Nurture is saving Mom’s and kids everywhere. Redness and rashes can be eliminated on your little one’s most sensitive parts. A light dusting is always my go to. It is 100% natural and even comes with user friendly instructions. At Squeaky Cheeks, we work with Mom’s like you in mind. Let’s get your baby comfortable, try Nurture!