Guaranteed to Prevent Chafing, Blisters, Rash & Odor... or your money back.*

We didn’t set out to make the “cheapest” powder. We set out to make the BEST.

No matter which blend you choose, each one is effective for preventing chafing, blisters, rash, and other skin irritations caused by moisture, sweat, friction, heat rash, and clothing.

Decide which one is right for you?

Welcome to SqueakyCheeks.TM The Amazing TALC-FREE Foot and Body Powder That Keeps Every Square Inch of Your Skin Safe from Irritation and Odor. Even the Body Parts We Can't Mention!

Talc free, 100% natural foot and body powder.

Podiatrist Recommended & Hypo Allergenic. Squeaky Cheeks powder is bottled in recycled packaging, never tested on animals and is gluten free. 


*Simply place your first order today. Then, use the powder for 30 DAYS in place of your current brand. If you’re not absolutely thrilled – and "hooked” as so many of our customers are – return the bottle in any condition for a complete 100% REFUND of your purchase price. At that point you’ll have tried it at NO COST to you.

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