Fresh Dry Feet – Why Your Podiatrist Will Love Squeaky Cheeks

March 23, 2022

Let’s face it, as women we get looked over in the sweat department. But boy, can we sweat. You hear about swass (sweaty a**) and the misery from that, but until you have experienced sweaty boobs on a hot day, you haven’t experienced true misery. At Squeaky Cheeks we get it and we actively came up with a solution that would provide true Comfort, even on the hottest days, with an all natural boob sweat remedy.

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The number of bacteria and fungi that can grow exclusively on your feet would disgust and amaze you. Your body’s immune system fights it off for the most part, but things like moisture can create a welcoming habitat for those little monsters. The stuff that causes Athlete’s Foot or just the cracked heels doesn’t have to be a part of your feet’s health. Eliminating skin bacteria help towards having fresh dry feet.

For Fresh Dry Feet, Let’s Keep It Dry

Sweaty feet are uncomfortable and more importantly so smelly. Ironically if your feet had a celebrity name (like swass “sweaty a**” or swoobs “sweaty boobs”) it would be sweet. There is nothing sweet about sweaty feet. There are plenty of items on the market that claim to keep your feet dry and clean.

There are many products on the market. They are filled with toxic ingredients as well as filler ingredients that really just end up being mushy and gross. Squeaky Cheeks uses 100% natural ingredients that ultimately wick the moisture away without turning into sock soup. Dry feet help contribute to having fresh dry feet.


Why Your Doc Will Love It

Your Podiatrist’s main job is to maintain healthy feet. As we age or get more active our feet take the biggest hit. Feet crack, grow fungi and bacteria, and sweat. Let’s not mention the odor that accompanies all of those things. Gross right?

Squeaky Cheeks is here to save the day. The natural ingredients in Squeaky Cheeks come in like little superheroes and fight the moisture while also providing comfort. It’s aggressive, but also gentle to sweaty, dry feet. Your doc will be loving you at your next appointment because your feet will be so healthy.

Feet Are Important

Your feet are an easy body part to totally forget about, but they are oh so important. Your feet carry you everywhere and ultimately take the most beating. It is important to make sure you are taking care of the body part that carries you everywhere. Feet are also easy to dry out, sweat, or get infected.

Not Just For Feet

Squeaky Cheeks is not just for your feet. It can be used on your whole body. In your pants, in your shoes, basically anywhere that is prone to chafing, sweating, blisters, and odor. Natural ingredients make it safe to use on people of all ages.

We have many different age groups running to order so they can get rid of the stink in their spouse’s and kid’s shoes. Active people love it for their chafing and blisters. Mom’s are loving it to get rid of the stink in their teenager’s shoes. Men are loving it because their wives are loving it.

Your feet are an important part of your body’s health. We want to help contribute to keeping your feet happy and healthy. Let us help you kick odor and sweat to the curb. You will be happy, your podiatrist will be happy, and we are just happy to be here to help. Click here to learn more about this amazing product.