How is Squeaky Cheeks the best Body and Foot Powder for Athletes?

Whether you are a high school athlete, a professional athlete, or a soccer mom we all have one thing in common – we all sweat. And unfortunately, excessive sweat causes many unwanted problems. Not only does excessive sweat cause friction which can lead to skin rashes and chaffing. It can also cause unwanted bacteria to grow which can lead to body and foot odor. Stinky feet and sweaty-ass or “swass” are undeniably the worst side effects with chafing and blisters never far behind. If there is something we can agree on, the misery of it all has got to go.

No Time for That

Athletes and people with active lifestyles have no time for chafing, odor, blisters, and sweat. Unfortunately, what accompanies a busy and rigorous lifestyle is exactly one, if not all of those things. Sweat means odor and odor is fun for no one. Sweat also means chafing and blisters in those not so fun places. Squeaky Cheeks has all natural products that wick away moisture, destroy odor, and lubricate in all the right ways. Our Active blend is especially popular with athletes as it also contains essential oils that offer an additional cooling effect and eliminates body odor almost instantly after application.

Ready, Set, Go!

When chafing, moisture, and general discomfort are gone athletes tend to play better. Give yourself peace of mind next time you gear up! We’ve crafted our proprietary blends to not only use the best 100% all natural ingredients that we could source. But our formula is scientifically proven to kill unwanted bacteria, remove body and foot odor and keep your skin dry. Dry skin is key to eliminating additional friction which can lead to further skin irritation.

We have had college athletes tell us it is on the priority list of things to keep in their lockers. Soccer Mom’s keep it in their cars. Triathletes and marathon runners keep it in their bags. It is a game changer when it comes to keeping up with busy, active people.

Score the Winning Goal with our Active Blend. Voted the best body and foot powder for athletes.

When the stress and ouch of sweat and chafing are gone, it makes it so much easier to focus on your best performance and win that game. We are all about being on the leader board and we want that for you too! Score that game winning goal. Cross that finish line in sweat free style. We’ve got your back, your front, your unders and your overs!

Try our Proprietary Formulas that we crafted to be the best Body and Foot Powder on the Market for Athletes.

With a lot of science and a little luck Squeaky Cheeks has created the best and most natural body and foot powders for athletes. Stop the odor and wick away the moisture. Let us take the stress out of your game. Squeaky Cheeks Active is here to triumph over Athletes’ foot and jock itch. Learn more about our Squeaky Cheeks Active Blend that is most our most popular formula for athletes. Give us a try. If for any reason you do not agree that Squeaky Cheeks is the best body and foot powder for athletes will will refund your order. No questions asked.


K-State Football

My name is Randen Plattner and I’m a college football player at Kansas State University. While playing football, there are days where I find myself sweaty more times in a day than not. I’ve had issues with chaffing in the past. Squeaky Cheeks has solved this problem with ease.

I recommend Squeaky Cheeks to all my teammates!