Contains essential oils that cool and invigorate your skin. Gives off a fresh, minty scent. Designed for active people who like to feel dry, cool, and refreshed – and smell great!

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Our Active Formula was developed by a firefighter to perform and hold up to the rigors of firefighting. It contains essential oils that cool and invigorate with a minty scent and is designed for active people who like to feel dry, cool and refreshed.

Podiatrist recommended & Hypo-Allergenic.

Contains corn starch, bentonite clay, slippery elm bark and essential oils.

Our 100% natural formula is effective against chafing, blisters and other irritations that cause skin rash.  Fight sweat, odor and wick moisture with our Talc free all natural foot and body powder.

Podiatrist Recommended

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 1.25 in


  • K

    K. ZiemkeVerified Buyer

    I Love your product…

    You may want to consider suggesting that people use it as a dry shampoo! I just put a little in the palm of my hands, rubbed them together and combed it through my hair!

  • E

    E. BurnhamVerified Buyer

    Being a world class chaffer I needed something that could help.

    Me get to the finish line. I spend so much money on race fees, nutrition, apparel, and travel. Who would have thought a $15 purchase would make such a difference.  I use it everywhere and always have a bottle in my car.  Thanks you squeaky cheeks.  Now I run chaff free, am blister free, and always smell good doing it.

  • N

    N. RumseyVerified Buyer

    I was recently introduced to squeaky cheeks

    From a few passionate friends that swear by its benefits.  After only a use or two I was sold and have replaced my previous other chaffing products with squeaky cheeks.  I love the fact that it’s not greasy and that it has multiple uses like for chaffing relief as well as in my shoes to eliminate odor.  And it also has been working great as dry shampoo when I am short on time to shower.  And to top it all off it smells great!  Squeaky Cheeks – saves friendships on long road trips!

  • B

    B. HadfieldVerified Buyer

    I love squeaky cheeks!

    I was given a sample of it to use in my golf shoes.  It keeps my feet dry and feeling fresh all day.

  • R

    R. ClarkVerified Buyer

    Ahhh the relief! No more chafing after workouts.

    Previously after a workout I would have terrible chafing down there but not any more thanks to squeaky cheeks. I first tried a trial package that my wife got from a conference in Vegas and I was hooked!  I had tried other remedies once my trial package ran out and immediately purchased from the site because nothing compared to the relief I got from squeaky cheeks.

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