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Great for every day use

“This stuff is perfect. Better than the pharmaceutical-grade crap my husband had in the medicine cabinet. I work 10+ hours a day and have to wear close toed shoes for safety. This powder keeps my feet nice and dry and smelling pretty good. Plus I’m an ingredient snob, so they had me at “all natural”. My husband even started using it for his long days at the gun range and he says it’s awesome too.”

- Nina B. ✅ Verified Buyer

No more stinky shoes!

“Been using it for a month – one shake into my shoes and a month later, no stinky. And I can build up some stinky shoes. But so far, not an issue at all. A+!

Update: Three months later and still no issues. This product has seriously changed my life! I can take off my shoes around other people and no longer be afraid of them being knocked out by the funk coming from below my ankles. Buy this. You will thank yourself.”

- Allison A. ✅ Verified Buyer

Smells way better than name brand

“It really works better than say a name brand commercial brand. I love the smell doesn’t have a bad smell after you put on a problem it just takes over with a pleasant aroma just don’t pour too much in the shoe. My other powder name brand commercial used to masquerade the smell and also make it smell like corn chips. Not this one because my feet sweat a lot I’m going to order more love this product.“

- Morrean N. ✅ Verified Buyer

Good Enough for the Seattle Seahawks

“There are a lot of powders on the market. Squeaky Cheeks’ proprietary blend and unique packaging style are perfect for the players on my sidelines and in my training room when they need some quick relief. Hands down, Squeaky Cheeks is the powder of choice in my training room.”

- David Stricklin ✅ Verified Buyer
Seattle Seahawks Head Athletic Trainer

Couldn't be happier!

“Hey, it’s Lefty Ray in Texas. My wife and I just bought a couple of electric bikes and Squeaky Cheeks is the key to staying comfortable on long rides. My son used this in Iraq last year and made everyone jealous. This is a product we will always have on hand. Blessings to you guys.“

- Ray L. ✅ Verified Buyer

Read the ingredients!

“BIG BIG deal that it is all natural ingredients for sure! If you think there is something out there just like it just read the ingredients of the others and you’ll appreciate the ingredients of Squeaky Cheeks!”

- John P. ✅ Verified Buyer



High-performance body & foot powder for the most demanding conditions.



ACTIVE BLEND |$13.95 for 1 month x 1

Obliterate; Annihilate; Decimate & Destroy Foot Odor Instantly! With Squeaky Cheeks Hi-Performance Body & Foot Powder


Removal of Foot Odor GONE in 1 second Guaranteed!
Sprinkle it in your shoe…INSTANTLY ODOR FREE.


Keeps Feet Dry All-Day
Wicks moisture away from the skin without breaking down or caking up.


Guaranteed to prevent Blisters & Hot Spots
Lubricates skin on skin contact yet still lets the skin breathe.


Reduces the Growth of Bacteria
Our unique formula contains powerful ions that attract toxins, bacteria and fungi into the clay, preventing the growth of bacteria that cause odor and make chafing and blisters more painful.

Prevent blisters, hot spots or rash before they start.


Prevent blisters, hot spots or rash before they start.


Why is Squeaky Cheeks different?

Most blister prevention products on the market are made from petroleum based products and contain talc. Squeaky Cheeks unique formula is designed to wick sweat away from the skin, absorb the basic toxins and bacteria that cause foot odor yet remains in place as an extremely effective lubricant that prevents blisters and hot spots.



ACTIVE BLEND |$13.95 for 1 month x 1



K-State Football

My name is Randen Plattner and I'm a college football player at Kansas State University. While playing football, there are days where I find myself sweaty more times in a day than not. I've had issues with chaffing in the past. Squeaky Cheeks has solved this problem with ease.

I recommend Squeaky Cheeks to all my teammates!


K-State Football

My name is Jack Blumer and I’m a student-athlete at Kansas State University. Some days on the field are harder than others when it comes to keeping my body comfortable and free from moisture. To help me with this, I’ve began using Squeaky Cheeks. Squeaky Cheeks is a top-notch product. As a college athlete, I always look for the best products I can find to keep my body feeling good. Squeaky Cheeks does exactly that and helps me stay fresh!



ACTIVE BLEND |$13.95 for 1 month x 1