Mom’s Odor Remedy To Give Odor The Boot

I cannot be the only one that is sick and tired of foot odor. It’s everywhere! My husband’s shoes, my closet, the kids shoes, and the list seems to go on forever. Nothing is worse than picking kids up from school and that horrid familiar smell hits you, someone took off their shoes… I can’t even begin to explain that sweaty, burnt rubber smell. Kids stink, let me help you solve that in the easiest way.

The Easiest Odor Remedy Out There

Does anyone else have a kid that refuses to wear socks? How many pairs of shoes have been ruined because of stink? After weeks of enduring this I knew I had to find a solution. I tried several other brands until I came upon Squeaky Cheeks. I had a friend tell me about it and I immediately jumped online and ordered it. It was one of the best choices I’ve made. Instead of pairs of ruined shoes that stink up the car or their rooms we can clean feet AND clean shoes. A dash of this after school has helped remove the odor entirely.

Naturally Clean Odor Remedy

As Mom’s we are always wary of the ingredients we put in and ultimately on our kiddos. I found out that Talc is actually not a great ingredient and can be harmful. Squeaky Cheeks Comfort blend is all natural. The FDA* approved products make it completely safe to use on my kids, in their shoes, and bonus in their pants. That chafing they get with jeans- a dash of this is a game changer. Bonus- when my 4 year old tells me her pants are itchy I dust a little of this in there too. It’s pure magic. Who knows- maybe this can get rid of the monsters under the bed as well.

Kids Sweat Too

Sweaty feet have been absolutely miserable around here. Running at recess, rainy days, and sports all play a big factor in this. Squeaky Cheeks has an answer for all of those things. Nurture is great for my littles and it’s odorless, while Active has completely combatted those stinky soccer cleats. Have a teenage boy? I’d recommend putting Active everywhere. Shoes, pants, backpack, put it everywhere. Get rid of that stink for good. No more sweaty, stinky kids shoes has made me a happy Mama.

One of the main sellers for me, beyond the chafing and odor relief, is that it actually gets rid of the moisture. No more sweaty pancake batter in your shoes and it’s for more than just your kids. Your husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, ok basically everyone will thank you. Say goodbye to foot odor for good.

Visit our Products Page to find out which Squeaky Cheeks blend is best for you. You finally have a premium 100% all natural odor remedy to help you give odor the boot for good!