About Us

“Funny Name, Serious Comfort”

"Thank You for wanting to learn more about Squeaky Cheeks.

My name is Rock Toone, creator of Squeaky Cheeks. I am a firefighter by trade and frequently sweat while performing my duties and serving the public.

Firefighters work hard in very undesirable conditions.  We not only stink and sweat, but often experience skin irritation, rashes, "Chub Rub", even blisters.

I tried all the standard powder and ointment remedies that I could find. Unfortunately, nothing held up to the rigors that my job dishes out. They caked up, fell off, felt squishy, and made a mess!  I really needed a solution and out of pure necessity created Squeaky Cheeks.

For over 10 years now Squeaky Cheeks has been helping people that get hot, sweat, and stinks to be comfortable.

What started out as a solution for myself and colleagues has grown into a respected product.  Squeaky Cheeks has so many repeat customers who are now comfortable and love the product. Our customers satisfaction is our greatest endorsement.

We encourage you to give us a try.  We believe that you will not only be a repeat customer like others but will be so satisfied that you will share your story with friends and family.

At Squeaky Cheeks, our clients come first.  We will always be here for you."

Rock Toone - Founder Squeaky Cheeks
A brand of Professional Products Group, LLC

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