About Us

“Funny Name, Serious Comfort”

We are everyday folks who realize that no matter what, everybody gets hot and everybody sweats.
Whether you are a serious athlete, avid outdoors-man, soccer mom or just a dang hard worker we understand the need to prevent skin irritation, eliminate odor, and reduce sweat and moisture.

All the other products out there, are greasy and squishy and were a total mess! And talc powders just cake up, fall off, and only last a very short time! We needed something that held up to the limits of high-performance activities and every day activities. We wanted all-day protectionall-day odor elimination and a true all-natural healer.

Squeaky Cheeks feels energizing, relieves like no other, smells terrific and lasts all day.   Trusted and used by Professional Athletics, Podiatrists, and Everyday Folks that just need to be comfortable and not burdened with......”This Issues you don’t talk about at parties"

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