Unscented, 100% Mom-Approved, Talc-Free baby powder. Hypo-Allergenic. Safe for infants, toddlers, children, and adults. Many adults prefer this as an unscented foot and body powder.

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Our 100% Talc Free formula, all natural baby powder contains Bentonite Clay to reduce wetness and bacteria that cause rash. Slippery Elm helps calm & soothe your little one’s sensitive areas while reducing redness and adding smiles for everyone. Mom approved, Hypo-Allergenic. For external use only. Save for infants, toddlers, children and adults. Our talc free baby powder provides a safe, natural and effective way to reduce wetness, prevent rashes and keep your baby’s bottom happy. Many adults use our unscented natural powder as a body powder for themselves to stay dry without adding any scent.  If you are looking for an unscented foot and body powder, this is it.

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 1.25 in


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    -J. FreemanVerified Buyer

    Excellent product

    That really took away my babies  smell.  Fantastic product, I was skeptical at first but it definitely worked on my daughter.  I noticed a difference even after the first use.  The powder has a really nice natural fragrance and is not overpowering.  Excellent product that really takes the smell away.

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    C. SchaeferVerified Buyer

    For all of you mothers this baby powder is good for the both of you.

    Diaper rash is the worst and when its bad it effects your whole day.  Seriously… within minutes my little one stopped crying and by the next diaper change the redness was all but gone.  By the next morning the rash was gone completely!  I thought if it’s good for my baby it must be good for their mommas!   You all know how it is to nurse and then you add the summer heat onto it and if you’re in a humid climate like me… you all know what i’m talking about… Swoobies are tender!  It’s the worst stinky, sticky and a sweaty mess.  Tried it and you wouldn’t even know I was nursing anymore.  Just one more fantastic  incredible use for this product.

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    V. RunnelsVerified Buyer

    I have twin boys and they get diaper rash so often.

    It just happens sometimes, this stuff cures it within minutes.  In fact my boys try to say Squeaky Cheeks during diaper change because they love it and have to have it at every diaper change.  Their bums never even get red and I have tried creams, other powders  and everything else, and worry about the talc….  Squeaky Cheeks does not have it….  bonus!  The creams worked kind sorta but it would usually take a couple of days.  This stuff works in a matter of minutes and a few hours later is almost gone.

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    B. ChournosVerified Buyer

    All Natural and has a pleasant clean scent.

    I got this from a friend at my baby shower and as a new mother am super concerned about using anything new on my baby.  I try to use as many natural products as I can find and hate anything really scented.  I was skeptical at first but it definitely worked on my daughter and noticed a difference with the first use.  Great product and super simple ingredients!

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