Soothes, dries, and protects with a very pleasant scent. Designed for both regular and active people who want a body powder to keep them dry and protected.

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Our 100% Talc Free Comfort Formula was developed for those who want the performance of our Active Formula without the cooling effect. Our natural powder soothes, dries and protects with a very pleasant scent and is designed for people who want a body and foot powder to keep them dry and protected.

Keeps skin soft and dry.

Effective for chafing, blisters and other skin irritations caused by sweat, friction, heat rash and clothing. Designed to wick moisture, absorb bacteria and ease pain associated with minor skin irritations.  Podiatrist Recommended & Hypo Allergenic.

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 6 in


  • Ray L.

    Ray L.Verified Buyer


    Happy with this product

    Hey, its Lefty Ray in Texas back again. My wife and i just bought a couple of electric bikes and i was down to the last drops of my last package and i need more. I see you now have 3 versions. My son used this in Iraq last year and made everyone jealous. This is a great success story, continued blessings to you guys.

  • Stephanie W.

    Stephanie W.Verified Buyer


    Love this product.

    Very refreshing. Love it!

  • Elaine R.

    Elaine R.Verified Buyer


    Anti-chafing Foot Powder

    Really like how drying this is, and the scent is pleasant

  • Ryan T.

    Ryan T.Verified Buyer


    Great product and customer service!

    Great product and customer service! Will buy again.

  • Spencer L.

    Spencer L.Verified Buyer


    Good Stuff

    Huge fan on the active blend. I’ve tried the comfort/baby blend but it didn’t smell as good. But that’s my only complaint. Otherwise, active is the way to go for those with strong foot door. Works like a charm.

  • John P.

    John P.Verified Buyer


    ZOWEE feels great!

    The title says it. BIG BIG deal that it is all natural ingredients for sure! If you think there is something out there just like it just read the ingredients of the others and you’ll appreciate the ingredients of Squeaky Cheeks!

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