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Soothes, dries, and protects with a very pleasant scent. Designed for both regular and active people who want a body powder to keep them dry and protected.

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Our 100% Talc Free Comfort Formula was developed for those who want the performance of our Active Formula without the cooling effect. Our natural powder soothes, dries and protects with a very pleasant scent and is designed for people who want a body and foot powder to keep them dry and protected.

Keeps skin soft and dry.

Effective for chafing, blisters and other skin irritations caused by sweat, friction, heat rash and clothing. Designed to wick moisture, absorb bacteria and ease pain associated with minor skin irritations.  Podiatrist Recommended & Hypo Allergenic.

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 1.25 in
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  • K

    K. ZiemkeVerified Buyer

    I Love your product…

    You may want to consider suggesting that people use it as a dry shampoo! I just put a little in the palm of my hands, rubbed them together and combed it through my hair!

  • J

    J. BennettVerified Buyer

    Awesome product!

    My husband and I both love it…. he uses it in more personal areas while I put it in my shoes.  Easy to carry and pack.  Highly recommend at a great price.

  • M

    M. ShawVerified Buyer

    Great multi-use natural powder

    And love the simple and all natural ingredients smells wonderful.  It is not only for feet but anywhere skin may rub together and cause chaffing.  I have been using it on my feet and have not been embarrassed to go places thinking someone could smell my feet and I highly recommend this.

  • T

    T. GammellVerified Buyer

    I am not sure I can say enough

    Amazing things about this body powder. I live in the south and you know how summer is – its hot and sticky, everything sticks to everywhere.  I shake this power in my shoes  socks  under my arms  and in all the other unmentionable places in the morning after i dry off from the shower and nothing sticks….all day long, never.  Plus all that odor from sweating all day – gone.

  • R

    R. KellyVerified Buyer

    A must have

    For anyone who runs, lives in a humid climate, have stinky feet or just sweat in general. I have been using this powder for a year or so now and am so glad they are still alive during the pandemic….. for sure an essential company product!

  • J

    J. LundwallVerified Buyer

    Squeaky Cheeks Best Ever

    If you have sweaty feet  try this product you will not be unhappy.  The best ever,  nothing close.  Quick shipping too.

  • P

    P. WagnerVerified Buyer

    Wonderful Product

    I was given a sample at my business I am a glass blower and work around intense heat this product is the crazy effective and lasts all day.

  • L

    L. FowersVerified Buyer

    This is for sure the best anti-chafe and anti-blister product on the market!

    I started takeing a ziplock bag and putting my socks and underthings in it.  I would make sure to turn them all inside out. Dump in a liberal amount of squeaky cheeks in and give them a shake (oh yea did i mention the smell  it is heavenly  as well prior to your run  rub it in your under arms  on your “boobies”  and all over your midsection.  I used to use body glide but the fabric just seemed to wipe it off and it never lasted  I was given a sample of squeaky cheeks at a ragnar race and was a bit skeptical because it was a powder….man was I ever wrong   this stuff is the bomb diggidy!

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