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High-Performance Body & Foot Powder.
100% All Natural Premium Ingredients.

The Best Foot Powder, Guaranteed!

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Squeaky Cheeks foot powder is proven to provide all-day comfort with one use.

  • No more sweaty feet
  • No more odor

Backed by our 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

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100% All Natural &

There are never any chemicals or artificial ingredients in our formula.


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Our powder is carefully made and shipped fast for free from Utah.


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Thousands have bought and reviewed our product, read our reviews below to learn more!

The Best Foot Powder For Sweat & Odor

Squeaky Cheeks was invented out of necessity for firefighters battling agonizing heat on the front lines. Through rigorous testing and research, we created a formula that not only works, but it works better than the rest providing all-day comfort with a single use without any chemicals or cheap fillers. Our premium talc-free foot powder is manufactured right here in Utah with 100% all natural ingredients, guaranteed to work or your money back!

All Day Comfort With Just One Use

What Makes Squeaky Cheeks the Best Foot Powder? The best all-natural ingredients.


Bentonite Clay

A key component in wicking away moisture while cleaning and protecting skin, detoxifying and antibacterial properties draw the impurities off of your skin to leave it healthy and refreshed.


Arrowroot Powder

This powder has been used for decades to provide skin relief from acne to skin sores. It has many skin happy minerals such as iron, B6, zinc, and potassium. Studies have even shown that arrowroot powder can boost your immune system.

Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery Elm Bark

Its main function is to lubricate, but secondly, it protects by forming a clean barrier for irritated skin and then treating the irritation itself. The anti-inflammatory properties help heal wounds, skin irritations, and burns.

talc free foot powder contains essential oils

Essential Oils

We use each oil’s healing properties as well as their odor defeating properties. It was important for us to make you smell better AND help create an antibacterial barrier between you and the stink.

Customer Reviews – Average Rating of 4.7 Stars

five star rating for talc free powder

Great for every day use

“This stuff is perfect. Better than the pharmaceutical-grade crap my husband had in the medicine cabinet. I work 10+ hours a day and have to wear close toed shoes for safety. This powder keeps my feet nice and dry and smelling pretty good. Plus I’m an ingredient snob, so they had me at “all natural”. My husband even started using it for his long days at the gun range and he says it’s awesome too.”

- Nina B. ✅ Verified Buyer

No more stinky shoes!

“Been using it for a month – one shake into my shoes and a month later, no stinky. And I can build up some stinky shoes. But so far, not an issue at all. A+!

Update: Three months later and still no issues. This product has seriously changed my life! I can take off my shoes around other people and no longer be afraid of them being knocked out by the funk coming from below my ankles. Buy this. You will thank yourself.”

- Allison A. ✅ Verified Buyer

Smells way better than name brand

“It really works better than say a name brand commercial brand. I love the smell doesn’t have a bad smell after you put on a problem it just takes over with a pleasant aroma just don’t pour too much in the shoe. My other powder name brand commercial used to masquerade the smell and also make it smell like corn chips. Not this one because my feet sweat a lot I’m going to order more love this product.“

- Morrean N. ✅ Verified Buyer

Good Enough for the Seattle Seahawks

“There are a lot of powders on the market. Squeaky Cheeks’ proprietary blend and unique packaging style are perfect for the players on my sidelines and in my training room when they need some quick relief. Hands down, Squeaky Cheeks is the powder of choice in my training room.”

- David Stricklin ✅ Verified Buyer
Seattle Seahawks Head Athletic Trainer

Literally The Best!

“I love this stuff. I use it in every pair of shoes, before and after I wear them. I have one pair of gym shoes that see frequent use, running through dirt, sweating up a storm, and this powder keeps them from smelling bad. I love using it in my flats cause my feet are not shy about sweating, and this helps absorb that moisture.

When I can get my partner to use this powder, it neutralizes his smelly AF shoes as well. And trust me, that’s a feat because his feet are just…pungent. Sometimes he’ll just put the powder straight on his feet and it instantly turns things from a musty locker room to a peppermint patty. He doesn’t feel any “cooling effect” but I definitely do when I apply straight to my feet. Highly recommended.”

- Iris A. ✅ Verified Buyer

Couldn't be happier!

“Hey, it’s Lefty Ray in Texas. My wife and I just bought a couple of electric bikes and Squeaky Cheeks is the key to staying comfortable on long rides. My son used this in Iraq last year and made everyone jealous. This is a product we will always have on hand. Blessings to you guys.“

- Ray L. ✅ Verified Buyer

Read the ingredients!

“BIG BIG deal that it is all natural ingredients for sure! If you think there is something out there just like it just read the ingredients of the others and you’ll appreciate the ingredients of Squeaky Cheeks!”

- John P. ✅ Verified Buyer

Which Blend Should You Choose?

Active Blend

Our Active blend Eucalyptus adds a cooling effect which increases comfort for high heat activity. 100% All-Natural ingredients and talc-free for use anywhere on the body or feet.

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Squeaky Cheeks is the Best Foot & Powder 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back.

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